The Northern Powerhouse: One Agenda, One Economy, One North


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One Agenda, One Economy, One North

A report on the Northern Transport Strategy

MARCH 2015



Our Plan – Executive Summary This transport strategy has brought together central and local government, the national transport agencies and Local Enterprise Partnerships behind a single joined up vision.

That vision is for a North which has a vibrant and growing economy, acts as a magnet for inward investment, and which capitalises on the strengths of Northern cities to build a Northern Powerhouse. We need a new approach to maximise the economic potential of the North; allowing the North’s talent to become more mobile; allowing companies to access the widest pool of people and skills they need to grow; and connecting businesses to each other to make them more efficient. And crucially, it should be at a pan-Northern level, to create a single economy across the North.

The Northern Powerhouse needs each city region in the North to perform to its maximum. City regions are where most of our economic activity is centred, and where we expect the majority of future growth sectors to be based. The North’s cities are already strong, and are increasingly being given the tools to get even stronger through more powers and funding devolved from Westminster in City Deals, Devolution Deals and Growth Deals, allowing transport powers and funding to be delivered at the most appropriate level.

However, there is an opportunity to do much more. Excellent connectivity across the North will take the city regions’ individual performance to the next level, bringing them together to help create the critical mass to compete globally. To allow this to happen, our new approach is for the North to take a lead in prioritising and planning transformative transport interventions, right across and beyond the North to: transform connectivity; improve journey times; improve capacity and resilience; and simplify the user experience. Our strategy is about using transport to aid change in future patterns of land use and economic growth, with the goal of creating a single economy in the North. Rather than forecasting the future from current trends we aim to change that future. ‘city’, ‘city-region’ and ‘metro’ are used interchangeably.