Our Priorities

Priority Areas

The North has itself identified 4 prime economic capabilities – a collection of assets, expertise and businesses which are pan-Northern, highly productive, and internationally competitive. These will form the core of future economic growth and are:

  - Advanced Manufacturing

  - Energy

  - Health Innovation

  - Digital

They are underpinned by enabling capabilities in Financial and Professional Services, Logistics and Education.

NPP will support the development of these collective strengths of the northern economy, working with the Government’s Industrial Strategy. We believe the biggest contribution that a partnership of business, local and national government can make to these strengths is by focusing on four key challenges:

1. Infrastructure & Assets

transport, communications, science/science commercialisation, the cultural assets, housing and new technology.

2. Education & Skills

basic skills from schools and the higher/technical level skills needed to drive innovation and growth, along with a world class university sector.

3. International Competitiveness

enterprise culture, innovation, trade and international investment.

4. Leadership & Learning

leadership within companies, promoting relevant devolution of decision making powers, and supporting civic leaders and Mayors to learn from best practice in the world.