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Northern Powerhouse Partnership Educating the North Pledge

The Educating the North report was overseen by the Northern Powerhouse Partnership’s Education and Skills group, that brought together representatives from our business-led board, as well as education experts from across the North. Some of the most shocking findings include:

 - On average, Northern pupils are a full grade behind their southern counterparts by the time they reach GCSE level.

 - Education attainment in the North of England at the age of 16 is 5% lower than it is in London.

 - At the same age Northern pupils from a disadvantaged background achieved an average Attainment 8 score of 39.9, a whole 13 points below their fellow pupils.

We are asking every Northern business to mentor or otherwise meaningfully reach out on careers and enterprise skills to at least the same number of young people as they have employees, from the age of 11. This would see 900,000 young people given experience of work. To sign up to our pledge click here:

Tell others that you’re in to educate and tag us on Twitter @NP_Partnership and use the hashtag #EducatingtheNorth

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